"Hogback Storage was an easy choice for an onsite storage container. The price point for their product was spot on. The work that we do entails working in the mountainous terrain and we needed a storage container one day and it was delivered the next, and we were able to continue without any delays. There is nothing better than working and supporting a local company. TLC Pipeline will work with Hogback Storage again."

"Hogback Storage promptly delivered our container after I called. Very good service! We have loved having extra storage on our own property. I appreciate the free local delivery."

"All we had to do was call Hogback Storage, and we had a container in a snap. It was great that Hogback worked with our schedule on delivery, and even better that the delivery was free. I was nervous about the loading/unloading of the container, but the Hogback crew made it simple and smooth! I would highly recommend Hogback to anyone who needs a storage option."

- Drew & Daniela

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